Google Algorithm Update 2024

Google Update 2024

On March 5, 2024, Google announced an update aimed at improving the quality of search results. This update targets spammers and low-quality content that adversely affects the search engine.

Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product Management at Google, revealed two key changes for websites to produce high-quality search engine results: Core updates and Spam updates. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes mentioned by Google,

Improved Quality Ranking: Algorithmic enhancements to core ranking systems will ensure the display of the most helpful information on the web, reducing unoriginal content in search results.

New and Improved Spam Policies: Updates to spam policies aim to keep low-quality content out of search results, such as expired websites repurposed as spam repositories by new owners and obituary spam.

From these updates, Google has evaluated low-quality and unoriginal content designed for search engines rather than users, resulting in a 40% reduction. Google also emphasized:

Refining core ranking systems to identify unhelpful webpages with poor user experiences or those created primarily for search engines, rather than people.

Improving Search Result Accuracy:

Google implemented several updates to its spam-fighting systems and policies to filter out low-quality content from search results. This update prevents low-quality content from ranking higher in search engines, enabling more targeted action under Google’s spam policies.

Using Automation to Generate Content:

Originally designed to address automated content generation at scale, Google strengthened its policy against content created solely by automation or a combination of automation and humans. This ensures action can be taken against content not valued for its quality.

Manipulating Search Results through Third-Party Content:

The update addresses instances where third-party content is created primarily for ranking benefits, not for genuine informative content. Google provided an example where third parties might publish payday loan reviews on a trusted educational website to gain ranking benefits.

Buying Expired Domains to Inflate Content Value:

Creating low-quality content purchased from expired domains to boost search ranking is now considered spam. Google’s policies aim to reduce the visibility of low-quality content and provide users with high-quality, informative content that addresses their queries.


This update promotes content that informs, educates, and offers genuine value. It benefits both searchers and creators who prioritize quality, ensuring relevant and trustworthy information is found. Stay updated on future Google announcements by following the official Search Central blog.

a) What are the key changes introduced in the update?

 Google has introduced Core updates and Spam updates. Core updates focus on algorithmic enhancements for better ranking, while Spam updates target policies to eliminate low-quality content from search results.

b) What is the purpose of the Google Algorithm Update 2024?

  The update aims to enhance the quality of search results by combating spammers and reducing low-quality content on the search engine.