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Google Algorithm Update 2024

Google Update 2024 Digital Toppers Digital Marketing Academy Trichy

On March 5, 2024, Google said it had rolled out a search quality update purposed at enhancing search result experience. This update is meant to be directed against spam and irrelevant contents that are momentarily a disadvantage for the search engine.

Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product Management at Google, revealed two key changes for websites to produce high-quality search engine results: Released updates clarified into Core updates & Spam updates. Here are the major shifts from the stated Google

Improved Quality Ranking: This means ranking modifications for core principal algorithms to show the best information for users, limiting low-quality duplicate content on the Internet.

New and Improved Spam Policies: This is useful for spam control when there are changes of ownership, where a site with low quality content, say an expired domain that has been bought by a spammer or a site that contains obituary spam is pulled out of the Google index to prevent users from being shown such content.

Out of these updates, Google has fought poorly and artificially created content, which is not for the convenience of users, but for the search engine itself, reducing it by 40%. Google also emphasized. The ranking system can be refined, so that, rather than serving helpfully irrelevant sites, or sites that are optimized to rank on the search engine but are not helpful to the user, appear at the top of the search results.

Improving Search Result Accuracy:

In the fight against spam, Google has introduced a few changes to its spam-fighting tools and rules throughout 2013 to remove low-quality content from its search results. This particular update helps to prevent lots of thin content websites from ranking higher in the search engines, allowing the action in compliance with Google spam policy.

Using Automation to Generate Content:

Initially formulated with a view to serving the specific case of automated content generation for large volumes, Google amended its policy in relation to content generated by an AI process and/or in collaboration with a human being. This way we can deal with content depending on other measures which are not  valued for their quality.

Manipulating Search Results through Third-Party Content:

This update also aims to fight cases when content with a specific aim to rank higher producers rather than to be informative. Google gave an example in which the payday loan companies may want to have reviews by third parties online from a trusted site such as an educational institution in an effort to benefit from improved ranking.

Buying Expired Domains to Inflate Content Value:

Buying the worst content from an expired domain name and publishing for simple search engine optimization is also spamming. Google’s guidelines state that search results should filter out on poor quality content and instead offer users content that satisfies the searched query.


This update aims to reward creative work and spread information, knowledge, and salvation. This is of value to both sides of the search engines, more so for the genuine researchers who seek high quality content as seen by the increase in the value of quality content in the development of information products. Google is constantly adding new features to search, so stay on the lookout for future updates by regularly checking the Search Central blog.

a) What are the key changes introduced in the update?

 Google has introduced Core updates and Spam updates. Core updates focus on algorithmic enhancements for better ranking, while Spam updates target policies to eliminate low-quality content from search results.

b) What is the purpose of the Google Algorithm Update 2024?

  The update aims to enhance the quality of search results by combating spammers and reducing low-quality content on the search engine.